Suzuki Wiring Diagrams Manual 1982 for 43 types (99512-01820-01E)

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 For : DR400S  DR500S DR500 DS50 DS80 FA50 FR80 F Z50 GN400L GS450L GS400T GS450T GS450E GS450L GSX400F GS500 GS500L GS550M GS550T GS650E GS650G GS650GL GS650GT GS750E GS750T GS850G GS850GL GS1100E GS1100G GS1100GL GSX750S GSX1000S GSX1100s GT80L GT125x4 GT250x7 PE175 RS175 PE175"Z PE250"Z PE400Z" SP500"Z" TR-SU"Z   TR-SG"Z"  TR125U"Z" TR125G"Z" TS50ER"Z" TS50ERK"Z" TS50XP"Z"  TS80ER"Z" TS185ER"Z"  TS1185ER"Z" TS250ER"Z"                         condition: very good condition, hardly used
note: type written on lower side with pen

Printed in Japan    181 Pages  

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